LEICKE ULL ITX Pico PSU Power Supply 150W | 12V 12.5A 5.5*2.5 mm | Compatible with Routers, LED Strips, TFTs & LDC Displays

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Release date: 30.08.2010

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Technical data

Ideally suited as a replacement for power supplies of NAS systems, wireless routers, LCD TVs, external hard drives, LED lighting, LCD displays as well as computer systems with Pico-PSU, embedded systems and DIY projects.

Output: 12V / 12.5A, 150W output power

Plug diameter external / internal: 5.5 * 2.5 mm

Low standby power consumption: 0.5W ~

Package content: LEICKE ULL Eco power supply, power cable with UK plug

High-quality LEICKE ULL 12V power supply for various applications including UK power cable.

By using the ULL technology, our power supplies are particularly durable. They come with protection against overvoltage, short circuit and overheating.

LED lighting applications can have a current consumption of up to 12.5A and will benefit from high-performance converters built into the PSU. The DC voltage is smoothed, so that even with fluctuations in the incoming line voltage no disturbing brightness variation occur in your LED application.

In particular, the high efficiency at medium to high load brings consumption advantages in systems such as MediaCenter, players for HDMI content and small to medium computer systems with Pico-PSU80 to Pico-PSU 150.

Technical Details:

• Power supply with 150W power output for various applications such as TFT displays, Pico-PSU PSUs, NAS, router, embedded systems with 12V, displays, automotive components which are 12V-compatible, IT accessories etc.
• Input: 100-240 V~ 50-60 Hz
• Output: 12V, 12.5A
• Plug dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 mm

Differences from conventional power supplies from other manufacturers and no-name producers:

Ultra-Long-Life Technology (ULL):LEICKE ULL power adapters are equipped with Ultra-Long-Life Technology (ULL), which considerably increases their service life. It is twice as long as the service life of other power adapters

SolidPower II technology (SP2):LEICKE ULL power adapters are equipped with Solid Power II Technology (SP2). Even with changes in voltage between 100V and 240V, Solid Power Technology guarantees a constant output voltage.

Special features and advantages of the LEICKE Eco Power Supply range:

• With the LEICKE Eco PSU, the efficiency is sustainably raised so that the consumer can expect a reduced overall power consumption.
• Reduction of the average consumption at zero load to below 0.5W by new technology.
• Environmentally conscious packaging after LEICKE Eco packaging principle (Frustration Free Packaging)
• Extra light LEICKE design
• Does not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances and conforms to EU standard RoHS.

Package Content:

• LEICKE ULL Eco power supply 48W, including high-quality UK power cable

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