MANNA Samsung Galaxy S7 Leather Case Book Folio Cover Wallet | Easy Stand & Card Slot | Genuine Nubuck Leather | Vintage Brown

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Release date: 03.04.2015

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Technical data

Premium materials and a clever design protect your S7 smartphone from dirt, impacts and scratches. On the inside, the case is padded with microfibre, which adds even more protection. The case comes with all necessary cut-outs, e.g. for the camera, so that you do not miss out on any of your phone's functions.


The case is made of premium Nubuck leather which has a unique vintage look and is durable and soft to the touch at the same time. Hand-stitched, contrastive seams are characteristic to our MANNA cases and serve as a discreet eye-catcher.


EasyStand: The case works as as a stand, which is great for photo slide shows or watching videos. The clue: You don't have to unhook the smartphone from the case, which saves your precious phone from too much wear and tear.


Slot for cards, bank notes or receipts.


Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S7 with 5.1" screen diagonal | Designed by LEICKE: Premium quality from your friendly supplier in Leipzig, Germany

Classical elegance meets excellent workmanship where detail and design matters - that's the MANNA UltraSlim Case for the Galaxy S7!

The MANNA UltraSlim S7 case by LEICKE impresses with excellent, dedicated workmanship and an elegant, clever design. The innovative EasyStand function allows you to prop up your S7, e.g. on a table, so that you can keep an eye on your homescreen or watch videos. The case is made of premium Nubuck leather which has a unique vintage look and is durable and soft to the touch at the same time.

A special ultramodern manufacturing technique helps us to achieve our case's perfect shape. The raw materials are combined and shaped under high pressure and temperature. The case receives elasticity and will not loose its form over a long period of time. It fits your phone snugly and protects its corners while you can still benefit from its compact dimensions.

Of course, the MANNA protective cover has all necessary cut-outs for camera, charging and headset connectors as well as all control elements. A particularly soft microfibre inner padding ensures reliable carrying protection.

Product Advantages:

- Handmade case with well thought-out design
- EasyStand
- Protected corners and a perfect fit for secure hold of S7
- Microfibre lining for reliable protection against dust and scratches
- All necessary cut-outs, e.g. for camera
- Card slot


- Samsung Galaxy S7 with 5.1" screen diagonal

Technical Details:

- Material: genuine Nappa leather, hand-stitched seams
- Inner padding: microfibre

Package Content:

- MANNA UltraSlim case for Samsung S7 (high-quality packaging, great present)

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