One-way protective mask 25 pieces

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Release date: 01.01.1970

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Technical data

  • 25 pieces
  • Material: non-woven fabric
  • Colour: light blue, as shown
  • One size - suitable for everyone
  • One-way
  • ideal against animal allergy

Stay healthy and safe with one of our hypoallergenic dust masks. They are suitable for adults and children. The mask can be worn at work or on one’s way and protects the respiratory system against pollutants and allergies. It allows you to breathe more easily and protects against germs.

The protective mask consists of 3 layers: a liquid-resistant outer layer, a filter layer with BFE/ PFE and a comfortable, soft, non-irritating layer. In addition, the mask is equipped with latex-free ear loops.

Suitability - The mask offers protection against various particles and is suitable for various work areas. For example, construction workers who come into contact with various dust particles, landscape gardeners who work outdoors, or caterers who serve guests.

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