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Release date: 01.01.1970

Technical data

Leicke ULL power adapter 110-240 V, 19 V, 3.42 A, 65 W 5.5x2.5 mm, safety class 2

High-quality 2-pole power cord for connection with wall plug included

Special features of the ULL Adapter from Leicke:
Ultra-Long-Life Technology (ULL): Leicke ULL adapters are equipped with Ultra-Long-Life Technology, which considerably increases their service life.

SolidPower II Technology (SP2):
Leicke ULL adapter are equipped with SolidPower II Technology (SP2). Even with changes in voltage between 100V and 240V, the SolidPower Technology guarantees a constant output voltage.

Differences between a conventional universal adapter and a LEICKE adapter:
LEICKE adapters are specially designed for your notebook type.

You do not have to manually change plug types or set the voltage. You can be sure that your laptop will not be damaged by faulty power supply.

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