Battery and device disposal

Notes on waste disposal of outworn electrical and electronic equipment

In connection with the sale of electrical and electronic equipment, we are obligated to inform you of the following:

All electrical devices that can be used in private households are marked with the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin. This symbol means that old devices must be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste. Old devices must not be disposed of with household waste. End users have the opportunity to return disused electrical and electronic equipment to our stationary cooperation partners and electronic waste collection points.

Used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device shall be disconnected from the device before being handed in at a collection point. You yourself are responsible for deleting personal data on the waste equipment to be disposed of. For private households, it is alternatively possible to return them to the municipal collection points in your town or municipality.

Further information on battery disposal can be found here.

WEEE registration number: DE 41805037