LEICKE UltraSlim Universal Power Supply | Power Adapter | Charger 90W 12V 7.5A 5.5*2.5mm + Adapter to 5.5*2.1mm | For LCD TFT Monitors, LED Strips, NAS, External Hard Drives, Pico-PSU, Routers, Hubs, Switches, Embedded PCs

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Release date: 20.09.2014

Technical data

Powerful LEICKE switching power supply with 12V output voltage (up to 90W)
High efficiency of > 80% and low standby power consumption of 0.7W for energy and cost conscious users
Wide input voltage range from 110 ~ 240V - great for use while travelling
Practical LEICKE carrying bag included in delivery
Well suited for use on LED strip and computers with PicoPSU

This high-quality power supply by LEICKE provides your with a modern and energy-efficient solution to supply power to your peripherals, routers, switches, ITX motherboards, Pico-PSU voltage converters for ATX, DIY projects, LED strips, automotive accessories, portable DVD games or the like.

Through the use of switch-mode power supply technology the power consumption in standby mode is very low at only 0.7W. The power supply has an efficiency of 80% to 92% depending on the type of application.
For more versatility, there is an adapter from 2.5 mm to 2.1 mm inner diameter included in the delivery.


o Output: 12V up to 7.5A current output
o Input: 110~240V, power supply automatically adjusts to the input voltage
o Weight: 308 g
o Plug dimensions: 5.5*2.5mm, adapter plug 5.5*2.1mm included in delivery

Package Content:

o LEICKE power supply, power cable and adapter (5.5mm*2.1mm)
o High-quality LEICKE carrying bag

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