SachsenRad E-Folding Race Bike R4, white

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Release date: 01.01.1970

Technical data

  • FRAME: 14-inch, aluminium alloy
  • MOTOR: 240W motor power, speed up to 20km/h, 
  • BATTERY: 36V /5,6 Ah Panasonic lithium battery, range 40-50km
  • FEATURES: rear stand, LCD display with charge level indicator and 3-speed speed control, electric and pedelec driving mode, USB 2.0 port for charging mobile phones
  • COLOUR: white

Foldable, fast and practical: the compact folding bike offers good riding characteristics and, thanks to its small pack size, fits in the bus or train, at home or in the car. The E-folding bike's discreet appearance is another plus. When folded, the bike can be pushed alongside and is therefore a good everyday companion. The German design team received the "Red Dot Design" award 2017 for this model.

Stable and quiet motor - battery with LED illumination and up to 20 different motifs - ergonomic design – durable

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