PureO2 UV air purifier

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Release date: 04.06.2020

Technical data

  • Air purification rate CADR: 180m³/h
  • 4-filter system / HEPA13 filter
  • for rooms up to 80m²
  • UV disinfection / powerful UV fluorescent tube
  • LCD touch display
  • Air quality and temperature display
  • Levels: 3 +sleep mode
  • Timer: 1-12 hours
  • negative ion generator
  • power: 40W/220V
  • material: ABS plastic
  • Scope of delivery
    • PureO2 
    • infrared remote control
    user manual

The air purifier PureO2 can be placed in different spaces of your appartment, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom - it provides fresh air and a good smell everywhere. It is ideal for pet owners, people suffering from allergy, smokers and babies. Thanks to its 4-stage combined filtration system, it purifies 99.9 % of the air from various pollutants and immediately renders them harmless. In addition, the UV air purifier PureO2 is equipped with a negative ion generator, which ensures fresher air and supports your health.


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