MANNA Leather Smartphone Wallet Purse Wristlet Clutch Zipper Multifunctional Case | Genuine Nubuck Leather, brown | Card Holder, Cash Pockets | for Smartphones up to 6 inch screen diagonal

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Release date: 04.04.2012

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Technical data

Handmade smartphone wallet/wristlet - made of premium nubuck leather in vintage brown


Easy organization of contents and quick access to smartphone, money or your identity card

Compartment for a smartphone with a display size of up to 6 inches - Please note the internal dimensions: 16 x 8 cm

Suitable, for example, for iPhone 6/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Plus, Sony Z3, Z4 and Z5, Huawei P8, Mate S, LG G5, HTC A9


6 compartments | microfibre-lined smartphone compartment | coin pocket with zipper


The MANNA Smartphone Wristlet is an elegant and very high-quality processed wallet, which offers plenty of room for your smartphone, your ID, cards and money.

The wallet is handmade of fine, velvety nubuck leather. The latter has a unique vintage look and is durable and soft to the touch at the same time. Moreover, being a natural product, the leather will change over time and turn your wallet into an even more lovely product. At the same time, it is resistant to environmental influences and very resilient. The contents are held reliably and are protected against moisture and dirt.

A robust zipper allows easy access to a total of six compartments. One is specially designed for smartphones with a screen size of up to 6 inches. To ensure that your smartphone is really well protected, the inside of this compartment is lined with soft microfibre, which simultaneously cleans the phone's screen. Leather and fabric sheets separate the smartphone from the other contents, such as cash, business cards or notes. The wallet has a coin pocket for your change with another zipper. Last but not least, there are 5 cards slots and a loop for the wrist with a rotary spring clasp, which can be removed.

This premium MANNA purse is designed for you to keep your cash, cards and smartphone well-oraganized and easy to use. It will be a beautiful, indispensable companion in everyday life. Once tried, you will not want to miss it again.

Product Features:

- Handmade with love for leather, design and functionality
- Luxurious nubuck leather, vintage brown
- 6 compartments for a smartphone, cards, cash and ID
- Interior dimensions of phone pocket: 16 x 8 cm
- Interior lined with leather and microfibre
- Metal zipper
- Removable wrist loop
- Compartment for driving license or ID


- iPhone 6/6s Plus
- Samsung Galaxy S6/ Edge Plus
- Sony Z3,Z4 und Z5
- Huawei P8, Mate S
- LG G5
- HTC A9

Package Content:

- MANNA smartphone wallet, brown

Product Details

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