SachsenRAD E-CityBike C3T

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Release date: 30.03.2024

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Technical data

Declaration of Conformity


Your Lightweight Companion for City and Countryside

The C3T is the modern Urban Trekking Bike from SachsenRAD and impresses with its sporty geometry and urban elegance. This Pedelec takes you stylishly, quickly and safely on long tours, and to your workplace - and without much effort, if you like. The bicycle is remarkably light - weighing only 18kg thanks to weight-optimized components! You can easily carry the lightweight aluminum frame over obstacles; unfamiliarly high curbs or stairs will not stop you.

Weight-optimized High-Tech Motor, Modern Drive

The brushless 250W rear motor from Mivice is minimalist in size and weight, quiet and almost invisible. It supports you without delay and with immediate, powerful motor assistance. Due to the immediate effect on the rear axle, the power transmission is direct and immediately noticeable. The magnetic torque sensor recognizes each of your movements and adjusts to you optimally. This doubles the driving pleasure and increases safety on your ride. The motor weighs only 1.7kg - and because it is particularly small, it does not disturb the look of the bike. Control the motor intuitively via the large high-resolution IPS color display. It combines all functions with elegant design and is clear and easy to read in any light.

Another highlight is the belt drive. It ensures ultra-smooth cycling, is extremely low-maintenance, and reliable. Enjoy up to 30,000km of worry-free riding: No chain oil to dirty your chic pants, no warping and readjusting a drive chain.

2 Samsung Battery Cells: Compact and Lighter

The integrated, lockable battery is located in the downtube. You can easily remove it and charge it anywhere. It is fully charged within 6 hours and ready to support you up to a range of 100km under optimal conditions. With two Samsung 21700 battery cells instead of 40 conventional cells, the battery is very compact and further reduces the weight of the bicycle. This is exactly how current electric car batteries from top manufacturers are constructed.

Quality Parts for City and Beyond

The 28" tires with the Kenda Allroad profile provide secure grip and straight-line stability, even on unpaved paths. To ensure you come to a full stop in just a tiny moment, the C3T features top-notch hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano. Their strong braking force won't fail you even in wet and dusty conditions. The sturdy rear rack with built-in taillight is ready for your bike bags. This makes the bike a good figure as a trekking bike. And if you find the rack bothersome or want to be 0.5kg lighter on your journey, it can be removed in no time.

Elevate your riding experience to a new level with the SachsenRAD Urban Trekking E-Bike C3T - where the combination of robustness, lightness, and sophistication takes center stage.


Technical Details

polar white  
rigid fork 
KENDA, 27,5x1,95"  
Single Speed  
Hydraulic disc brake by Shimano  
36V, 250W, brushless rear hub motor, torque sensor  
up to 25km/h, speed sensor 
36V / 10Ah lithium battery  
100km maximum range in ECO mode  
Rear kickstand (aluminium)  
LCD control display, pedelec riding mode, belt drive, LED lighting with StVZO certification, rear light integrated in mudguard, bell and pannier rack   
max. 120kg  
185 x 72,5 x 105 cm  
18kg (ohne Gepäckträger und Schutzbleche)  
SachsenRAD C3T, User Manual, charger, 
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