LEICKE ULL Power supply 60W, 12V, 5A

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Release date: 01.01.1970

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Technical data

  • Power supply unit with 60 Watt output power for various applications such as NAS, mainboards, LED lighting, screens, IT accessories etc.
  • INPUT: 100-240 V~ 50-60 Hz
  • OUTPUT: 12 V, 5 A
  • CONNECTOR SIZE: 5,5 x 2,5 mm
  • Extra light LEICKE design
  • Contains no heavy metals or other pollutants - complies with EU standard RoHS
  • Scope of delivery:
    • LEICKE Eco power supply unit 60 W
    • power cable for connection to the socket

Special features of the cost-effective LEICKE Eco power supply series:

  • Save up to 90 Euro per year with a 90 W LEICKE Eco power supply unit
  • With the LEICKE Eco power supply unit, the efficiency is sustainably increased in such a way that the end user can expect more utilisation of his device with reduced power consumption
  • Reduction of the average consumption at zero load to less than 0.5 watts through new technology
  • Environmentally conscious packaging according to the LEICKE Eco-Packaging principle (frustration-free packaging)

Differences to conventional power supplies from other brand manufacturers and no-name producers:

  • LEICKE ULL-Technology: All LEICKE Eco power supplies are equipped with LEICKE Ultra-Long-Life-Technology (ULL)
  • LEICKE SolidPower II (SP2): Even with voltage changes between 100 V and 240 V, LEICKE SolidPower technology guarantees a constant output voltage.


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