SachsenRAD E-Racing mountain bike R8 Ranger

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Release date: 21.09.2022

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Technical data

  • Color: black/grey
  • Size: 27.5 "aluminum frame in sporty design.
  • Motor: 250 W motor power, brushless and low maintenance, rear-wheel drive
  • Battery: 36V/10 Ah lithium-ion
  • Speed: up to 25 km/h
  • Range: 50km (in eco mode 100km)
  • Brake: hydraulic disc brake
  • Tires: 27.5" * 2.1 , for city and off-road use
  • Gearshift: SHIMANO 7SP TOURNEY TY300 brand rear derailleur.
  • Features: Wide tires, LED control display, rear stand, front and rear lights, bell.
  • Still to be mounted: Front wheel, pedals, handlebars, saddle, front and rear light, bell.
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Category: Bike | eBike | E-Racing Mountain Bike
  • Instruction manual
  • Declaration of Conformity


The SachsenRAD e-bike R8 Ranger is an e-bike with a sporty design and fully integrated battery. Whether in everyday road traffic or off-road, the e-bike cuts a fine figure in any environment.

Good parts, good bike

The SachsenRAD R8 Ranger shines with many good details: With the installed suspension fork, you can master even uneven terrain on the e-bike and experience a pleasant and safe riding experience. The 7-speed Shimano brand gears smoothly bring the chain into the right sprocket. The shapely frame is anything but a heavyweight and accommodates all cables protectively. Even the resilient battery is fully integrated and removable. A separate, lockable cover provides extra protection against wind, weather and theft.

Precise braking thanks to hydraulics

A real highlight are the hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes work with the help of a closed fluid system. Since fluid cannot be compressed, power is transmitted in this way. When you pull the brake lever, it exerts pressure on the system. This pressure is transferred to the moving brake pads with the help of the brake fluid in the brake cylinder and pressed against the brake disc. The power-off system and an electric sensor additionally increase the reaction time of the brakes and thus driving safety on the R8 Ranger.

Even more for safety

To ensure that you always stay on course, the R8 Ranger e-bike is equipped with branded wide tires that give you a secure grip even on wet or uneven roads. Good lighting is provided by the power-saving LED front and rear lights and, of course, the wheel reflectors.

Perfect control

An LCD control display is mounted on the ergonomically aligned bicycle handlebars. Always in view you have the mileage (distance and total distance), the battery charge of the e-bike and Untertsützungsstufen, the current speed and the maximum driven, the engine power and an error code output. You can call up further information and switch the light on and off at the touch of a button.


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Technical details


27,5", Aluminium

bicycle fork
Front suspension fork

On- and off-road tires

Shimano 7SP TOURNEY TY300, 7-speed gears

Hydraulic disc brake

specially made for SachsenRAD powerful rear engine, low-maintenance

250W, brushless

up to 25km/h, speed sensor

36V / 10 Ah / lithium battery

25 to 50km, in ECO mode up to 100km

Rear stand (aluminum)

LCD display showing battery level, assistance levels, current speed,
max. and min. speed, motor output, riding time, distance and total distance, error codes,
also with assistant function, switch on/off lighting, various setting options

ergonomic SachsenRAD saddle

Bicycle | eBike | E-Mountainbike

Instruction manual




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