SachsenRAD E-Racing Mountainbike R6 Neo

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Release date: 01.05.2022

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Technical data

  • COLOUR: Black-orange
  • FRAME MATERIAL: extremely hard aluminium alloy (TÜV-tested over 10,000 times against impact and stretching)
  • FRAME patented frame
  • SPRING FORK: Zoom 386A front suspension fork
  • TIRES: On- and off-road tires
  • SHIFTS: Shimano Tourney TX 7-speed gears
  • BRAKE: Zoom 280 DB mechanical disc brake
  • ENGINE: powerful engine specially made for SachsenRAD
  • MOTOR POWER: 250W, brushless
  • SPEED: up to 25km/h, speed sensor
  • BATTERY: 36V / 13.4Ah / 500 Wh lithium battery
  • RANGE: 50 to 150km (maximum range in ECO mode)
  • STAND: rear stand (aluminum)
  • CONTROL DISPLAY: LCD display with USB charging port, display of battery level, assistance levels, current speed, max. and min. speed, motor output, riding time, distance and total distance, error codes, also with assistant function, switch on/off lighting, various setting options
  • SADDLE: ergonomic SachsenRAD saddle
  • User Manual

The SachsenRAD R6 Neo is a modern urban mountain bike with a sporty design. Whether in everyday road traffic, off-road or on longer tours - the e-bike copes perfectly with all conditions. 

Good components make a perfect whole

The built-in Zoom suspension fork ensures a pleasant and safe ride, even on bumpy surfaces. At 20 kg, the aluminium frame is a real leightweight. The 7-speed Shimano brand gears smoothly move the chain to the right sprocket and the battery - even more powerful than on the R6 predecessors - lasts for long tours. Thanks to its 13,500 mAh capacity, you can achieve a range of up to 150 km in ECO mode! 

Nothing beats safety

To make sure you don't take off, the R6 SachsenRAD is equipped with brand-name wide tyres that give you a secure grip even on wet or uneven roads. The LED front and rear lights, which also consume little power, ensure clear visibility. In addition, mechanical disc brakes with power-off system and an electric sensor increase the bike's reaction time, making riding all the safer.

Scrutinised by TÜV

The sporty frame passed the demanding TÜV test for breaking strength flawlessly. In this test, the frame is subjected to 10,000 extreme impacts and strains! In addition to many other tests - e.g. for mechanical safety and chemical analyses - in which the TÜV certified the road traffic licensing regulation conformity of the R6, the battery was also intensely tested: It is not only specially protected against fire, but also easily removable and lockable.

Everything under control

Via the LCD control display with USB charging port on the ergonomically aligned handlebars, you can keep an eye on the mileage, Km/h display and battery status at any moment and can also control the speed of your e-bike. You can have a lot of other information clearly displayed and switch the light on and off at the touch of a button.

Our award-winning bike

The R6 Neo was developed by a team of German designers and the German Design Council recognised their achievement: The R6 received the German Design Award 2022 "Special Mention" in the category "Excellent Product Design: E-Bikes"! We at LEICKE are very pleased and grateful for this recognition of our design! It is not without reason that the R6 is one of the most popular SachsenRADs among our partners and customers. For LEICKE GmbH, this award is an incentive to continue developing good, innovative and beautiful products in the future.

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