SachsenRAD E-CityBike C3V Roma

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Release date: 30.03.2024

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Technical data

Declaration of Conformity


Stylish and Safe On the Go – with the Marble White Urban Bike

Discover the SachsenRAD C3M Roma – an Urban City-Bike that creates the perfect symbiosis between modern style and the timeless charm of an antique marble white design. This impressive electric bicycle is your elegant companion for daily use in the city and adds a sophisticated touch to your excursions and bike tours.

Advanced Drive System

Weighing only 16 kg, the SachsenRAD C3M Roma presents itself as a lightweight with an impressive belt drive. It ensures smooth cycling, is extremely low-maintenance, and reliable. Enjoy up to 30,000 km of worry-free riding: No chain oil to dirty your stylish pants, no twisting and readjusting of a drive chain. The belt is easy to maintain and also significantly lighter than a chain.

Arrive Safely ...

The hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels of the e-bike never let you down, no matter the weather, no matter the terrain. The motor with high-quality torque sensor intelligently adapts to changing riding conditions and terrain situations, ensuring a good driving experience and relaxed arrival. Freuen Sie sich auf sensorgesteuerte Tretunterstützung bis 25km/h bei einer maximalen Reichweite von 100km (unter optimalen Bedingungen). Der 10Ah-Akku lässt somit keine Wünsche übrig – perfekt für Pendler, Einkäufe oder entspannte Ausflüge. The 10Ah battery leaves nothing to be desired – perfect for commuting, shopping, or relaxed outings.

... and Look Good Too

Along with a harmonious color scheme, the design creates an aesthetic overall concept, with every detail carefully considered. The design almost completely dispenses with rattling accessories, cables, or lines: They are completely routed within the frame, even running directly from the brake levers within the handlebars. This results in a tidy appearance and sophisticated protection of the cables from dirt, mechanical damage, and in case of falls. The brown 28” tires, grips, and ergonomic saddle give the bicycle a warm, natural note that complements wonderfully with the marble white frame. The black handlebars and saddle posts, as well as the black rear wheel mudguard with integrated, StVZO-compliant taillight, add timeless elegance.

"Is That an E-Bike?"

The C3V will leave your surroundings astonished, as it's hardly recognizable as an E-bike at first glance. This is supported by the slim battery in the down tube and internal cable routing, but also by the subtle, modern LCD display. It's recessed in the handlebar head and allows intuitive control of the inconspicuous rear wheel motor. 

With Alarm System

To better protect you from theft, we provide an alarm system with. The included wireless remote control allows you to arm or disarm the alarm system from many meters away. If your bike is moved without your knowledge, a siren sounds. This ensures that thieves can be absolutely sure of attracting attention to their surroundings.

Choose between two versions: The C3M with a sporty diamond frame and the C3V with a wave frame for a comfortable, particularly low entry. Both versions are coordinated in design, so you can conquer the city not only stylishly but also in partner-look.  
Immerse yourself in the world of SachsenRAD C3M/C3V Roma – where Mediterranean-classic elegance meets urban lifestyle.


Technical Details

Marble White  


Rigid fork  
Brown, 28x1.60"  
Single Speed  
Hydraulic disc brake  
36V, 250W, brushless rear hub motor, torque sensor  
up to 25km/h, speed sensor  
36V / 10Ah lithium battery  
80km maximum range in ECO mode  
Rear stand (aluminum)

Integrated LCD control display in the handlebar head, Pedelec mode, belt drive, LED lighting with StVZO certification, taillight integrated in mudguard, bell, luggage rack, free alarm system

Lightweight 16kg (without luggage rack and mudguard)

SachsenRAD C3M Roma, User Manual, Charger 
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