SachsenRAD E-CityBike C3M Lux

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Release date: 30.03.2024

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Technical data



Where urban style meets safety

The SachsenRAD C3M/C3F Lux is a stylish and practical e-bike for everyday use. It is ideally suited for every route in the city and a reliable partner for excursions and small bike tours. One of the main features: At only 16kg, the bike is extraordinary light and comfortable to handle.

State-of-the-art drive system

Another highlight is the belt drive. It ensures ultra-frictionless cycling and it is extremely reliable and easy to maintain. Enjoy up to 30,000km of worry-free riding: no chain oil to stain your fancy trousers, no warping and re-adjusting a drive chain. The belt also weighs significantly less than a chain.

Arrive well... 

The hydraulic brakes on the front and rear wheel never let you down, no matter the weather, no matter the surface. The motor with high-quality torque sensor ensures a good riding experience and a relaxed arrival. Look forward to sensor-controlled pedal assistance up to 25km/h with a maximum range of 100km (in optimal conditions). The 10Ah battery thus leaves nothing to be desired for common routes in the city, whether commuting, shopping or visiting. Fully integrated, the battery does not break through the frame shape and optimises the appearance. In addition, all cables (brakes and electrics) are routed within the frame so that the design can shine.

...and look great!

Together with a harmonious colour scheme, the design creates an overall aesthetic concept in which every detail has been carefully considered. The brown 28" tyres, grips and ergonomic saddle give the bike a warm, natural feel, while the white frame adds a modern contrast. The black handlebars and saddle rails as well as the black rear mudguard with integrated, StVZO-compliant rear light add a timeless elegance.

To ensure that everyday suitability is not neglected, the Lux comes with a free luggage carrier. You may choose any time whether to mount the carrier e.g. for touring, or to emphasise the appearance.

The only thing we make hard for you is to decide between two versions:The C3M offers the sporty diamond frame, the C3F a comfortable, low step-in, thanks to the wave frame. Both versions are coordinated in terms of design. And if there are two of you - why not go for the partner look?


Technical Details


Diamond (C3M) / Wave (C3F)

Rigid fork
Brown, 28x1,60"
Single Speed
hydraulic disk brake
36V, 250W, brushless rear hub motor, torque sensor
up to 25km/h, speed sensor
36V / 10Ah lithium rechargeable battery
100km maximum range in ECO mode
Rear stand (aluminium)

LLCD control display, pedelec riding mode, belt drive, LED lighting with StVZO certification, rear light integrated in mudguard, bell and free luggage rack

only 16kg

SachsenRAD C3M Lux, user manual, charger, luggage rack
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